Colored Pencil

Welcome to the Colored Pencil Gallery!  This is where everything begins to POP!  Here you will find what I hope to be just the beginning of my colored pencil works.

Once I mastered the graphite and charcoal (if there is such a thing as 'mastering' art), I began to explore the idea of color.  Sticking with pencil I presumed that colored pencil would be just as easy as it's counterpart.  I quickly discovered that it is a beast of it's own!  However, it excites me!  The creation of new shades and  hues is my favorite part of this medium.  It is extremely time consuming.  Several colors combine to create one finished product--I never use just one pencil when laying down color.  For example where you think you see black, you actually see at least three colors that make up that black.  That is what interested me most about this medium; there's so much more there than what the eye can actually see.

Colored pencil is still a study for me.  I am constantly reading and learning about how to improve my skills in this medium.    




                                                            "Prodigal Son"                                                                  "Rotten Rottie"

                                                Original  $500.00                                                                    Original  NFS

                                                         22x28                                                                      ltd ed. prints available   85.00






                                         "Roman Live and In Color"                                                     "Do You See What I See?

                                        as featured in Ann Kullberg's book                                                  Original    $350.00

                                        "Colored Pencil Cats and Dogs"                                                                 11x14

                                                       NFS Artist's Collection





                                                                          "Bright Eyes"                                                                         "Ice"

                                                         Original   $300.00                                                                Original $600.00

                                                                11x14                                                                                  24x36




                    "And Then Things Changed..."                                  "I Dream in Color"                                   It's Me Again God II

                      Original    $400.00                                               Original $300.00                                                 Original 300.00

                                            18x24                                                                                 9x12                                                                    16x20



                                                            "Fade to Light"                                                                               "Sweet Taste of Spring"   

                                                 Original    $500.00                                                                      Original $550.00

                                                       24x24                                                                                          24x24




                                                               "Sunrise"                                                               "Fire"

                                                    Original    $300.00                                                Original $600.00

                                                            11x14                                                                     24x36





                                                          "Taylor"                                                           "Pining Peonies"

                                                           16x20                                                                         16x20       

                                                    Original   $400.00                                                      Original   400.00






                                                "Christmas Wrap & Bows"                                   "Blue-eyed Leopard"          

                                                      Original    $300.00                                               Original    $275.00   

                                         Christmas Card series 2016                                                    9x12                                               





                                                                                                   "Death Do Us Part"

                                                                                                   Original    $600                                     





                                                        "No Greater Love"                                            "Me and My Chucks"

                                                Original $400.00                                                Original SOLD 

                                                        18x24                                                    ltd. ed. prints available $150.00







Colored Pencil
Colored Pencil 2










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