Michelle R. Smith, is a life long resident of Springfield, Illinois. She unleashed her artistic blessings at the age of thirteen and has not put her pencil down since.  From stick men to  life-like portraits; from blank white pages, to colorful, breathtaking works of art, both Michelle and her work have blossomed into wonderful masterpieces.

"The Drawing Room", in her home, is where it all begins.  This room is where her creativity is put to paper  formulating lines and shadows.  A great deal of Michelle's artwork is a mirrored image of her feelings and emotions.   

Michelle's talents are truly God given.  With the  help of a high school teacher, who saw in her what she  had yet to see in herself, Michelle was able to shine and excel with her artwork.  Michelle is inspired by life and the simple things in life that uplift her;  like the smile of a child, a bible verse or a striking pose.   Encouraged and supported by family and friends, Michelle has hosted quite a few private art showings in the Springfield and Chicago areas.  She has won numerous awards for pieces such as "Backyard Bibs', "Picture Day", "Poppie", and "If I Dream", Rotten Rottie, "Aniya", "Bright Eyes", "The Thinker"  and "Sweet Taste of Spring".  As long as she can give her gift, to touch the hearts of those who see it, Michelle has achieved her goals.  She is an active member of Springfield's Prairie Art Alliance, she is a mentor in their Emerging Artist Program and she has helped to organize the Springfield Art Association's bi-annual "On My Own Time" for her State of Illinois agency (Il. State Police).

With the assistance of graphite blended with charcoal, colored pencils and pens and inks, Michelle's works of arts include Portraits, Greeting Cards, Christmas Cards, Original Designs.  


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