Christmas Cards

I  found a desperate need for cards that reflect me,  so I decided to create my own.  Once people received my family's holiday cards in the mail, well things just took off from there.  I have designed new Christmas Cards every year since the mid 1990's and my client list continues to grow.  If you enjoy something here, odds are someone else will too so why not drop one in the mail? All cards are 5x7 in size, come with coordinating envelope and there are 10cards per box ordered. If you order the item Multi, you will receive 2 of each design.






Mary Did You Know

Tucked away in a manger where the animals did sleep;

she held His tiny hand and brushed a kiss upon His cheek. This child born to her, but given to the world to behold, Oh Mary, Oh Mary did you really know? On that Christmas night when love shined bright, that you kissed the cheek of a King, The Way, The Truth, The Light?

The Babe and The Lamb

And there was no Inn for them, to be found, in all of the land;

and so the Babe was born and snuggled warm in the wool of the baby lamb.

Jingle Bells

It's the most wonderful time

the merriest of the year

with mistletoe, jingle bells and marvelous good cheer

Best wishes for joy, and peace and a miraculous life to you to experience love and grace and laughter all the New Year through


Best wishes for joy, and peace and good cheer to you; to experience love and grace and laughter all the New Year through

Wisemen Journey

From the East they came, and they traveled far; the sun by day, by night a star.

To see He that was born, King of Kings, to this needy world salvation He would bring.






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