Graphite & Charcoal

Welcome to the graphite and charcoal page!  This is where life as an artist began for me.  Graphite/charcoal is my first love, it gave me my start, my edge.  The manipulation of the pencil to turn lines into smiles or shading into textures has always amazed me and given me great joy.  It has been my ability to do this that has won me several awards and many accolades from fellow artist.

This page shares with you some of my favorite pieces.  I hope you will enjoy them also!






                                                                                    "Adam"  Original                            "Eve" Original                         "The Negative Effect"  Original

                                                                    30x36                                                        30x36                                                11x14

                                                                     $500                                                         $500                                                     $200   






                                                                                     "Olivia"                                                                     "Quiet Rest"     

                                                                                        22x28                                                                        22x28a

                                                                                         $450                                                                          NFS  Artist's Collection





                                                    "The Margay"  Original                                          "Who?"  Original                                   

                                                                            16x20                                              11x14                                                              

                                                                            $400                                                 $200                                                                 





                                                 "Lets Go!"                                                       "Hello Fear" Original                                                "Swagg and The Princess"        

                                                   16x20                                                                   22x28                                                                     22x28

                                                     NFS                                                                    $450                                                                        NFS

                                            Artist's Collection                                                                                                                                          Artist's Collection   





                                                                                  "Muah!"  Original                                          "Aniya" Original

                                                                                             11x14                                                            22x28

                                                                                              NFS                                                               $350

                                                                                      Artist's Collection






                                                                               "Bryon"                                            "The Thinker"                                          Gavin-Sean

                                                                             16x20                                                         22x28                                                 18x24

                                                                              $300                                                            NFS                                                  $300

                                                                                                                                          Artist's Collection



                                                                                 "Ayden"                                                   "Deion"                                   "The Weight of the World"

                                                                                   18X24                                                      9X12                                               Original  SOLD          

                                                                                    $350                                                        $200                                     ltd. ed. prints available $125             






                                                "Black Violin Kev-Marcus"                                "Black Violin Wil B."                                    "Pulitzer Poet-Kendrick Lamar"

                                                    "mood" series                                                        "mood" series                                                    "mood" series

                                                        Original  $400                                                        Original $400                                                    Original $400

Graphite and Charcoal
Graphite and Charcoal









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