Limited Edition Prints

The limited prints are the same size as the originals but without matting or framing. They are limited to no more than 5 prints.  Please use the "contact the artist" link below, to contact me and see if items are in still stock.




                                                                                       "Ayden"                                                               "Aniya"                                                            "Gavin-Sean"    

                                                                                        18x24                                                                   18x24                                                               16x20    

                                                                                         $150                                                                     $150                                                                 $150



                                                                                                 "Bryon"                                     "The Guardian and The Prince"                                 The Weight of the World

                                                                                                  16x20                                                              18x24                                                                12x12    

                                                                                                   $150                                                                 $200                                                                  $125





                                                                                   "It's Me Again God II"                                   "I Dream in Color"                                   God Gifted Vision Lifted

                                                                                              16x20                                                      9x12                                                                 12x12

                                                                                               $150                                                        $85                                                                  $175








                                                                  "Rotten Rottie"                                                 "Fire"                                                         "Ice"                                              "Me and My Chucks"

                                                                        9x12                                                           16x20                                                        16x20                                                      9x12

                                                                        $100                                                            $200                                                         $200                                                       $150






                                                                                                    Death Do Us Part                          No Greater Love                             Silver and Gold

                                                                                                            24x24                                           18x24                                              9x12

                                                                                                             $225                                              $150                                              $125







                            Pulitzer Poet Kendrick Lamar                                   The Curiosity of an Angel                            Black Violin - Kev Marcus                                     Black Violin - Wil B

                                           16x20                                                                      24x24                                                             18x24                                                                18x24   

                                            $150                                                                       $200                                                                $150                                                                 $150










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