Pen & Ink


Ahhh....Pen and ink.  This is my latest adventure!  I love watercolor paintings but I am just no good at it.  I found that certain pens and inks can come close to rendering the same 'watercolor' effect if manipulated correctly.  I am loving this medium and I've got to tell you that I never thought I'd use anything other than pencil, particularly graphite but this medium definitely keeps me intrigued!   It is the medium I usually employ when doing my Christmas cards but as you will see here I'm learning to explore it on a much larger scale, and I'm quickly falling in love. 

People are always amazed when I tell them, I'm not using your traditional pens and inks.  I most often use scrap-booking gel pens!...I know I know, who would've thought? They mix well together and the point is so fine that the colors are precise and there is no bleeding.  The 'milky' variety are  great because you can use the white here the same as you would a white colored pencil; to lighten or blend.   There's very little room for mistake with this medium, which frustrates me due to the limited time I have as an artist, but all in all I'm loving this new adventure and I hope you will enjoy the results.





                                                                       "Pretty in Pink...and Green"                             "Guard Your Heart"                        "Jewel Tone"

                                                                              16x20                                                            16x20                                        16x20

                                                                                $275                                                            $300                                            $250




                                                                                                                        "Lady in Red"                                                     "IF I Grow Up"

                                                                                                             18x24                                                                   16x20

                                                                                                             $275                                                                       $225








                                                                                                                                            "There's No Freedom in Fear"


                                                                                                                                 Original SOLD

                                                                                                                         ltd. ed. prints available $125


Pen and Ink










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